Sunday, March 27, 2011

The girls - an update

I have been remiss in posting updates and photos on family activities.

Since I last wrote the Little Athletics season finished. Miss 7 and 9 both ended up with two medals - a bronze and a silver each.

Miss 7 competed in a gymkanah at the riding school she goes to. It was a VERY HOT day but she enjoyed hereself. Here's a picture of her with the ribbons she won:

Miss 9 has been doing more cooking - including a very tasty Guinness Pie:

Both girls have changed from Girl Guides to Cub Scouts. The Guides group they were in weren't very outdoory or active. Cub Scouts suits them better. Already this term they have done a 'cub-tiki':

As you can see a great day was had by all.


DaddyBear said...

Great pics! Looks like they've been really busy and having a great time!

Old NFO said...

Good for them, and busy is good too! :-)