Saturday, September 8, 2012

Update on Miss 10's radio licence

About 7 weeks ago, Miss 10 studied hard and passed the test for her Amateur Foundation Radio Licence - which I blogged about here.

It's her birthday on Monday and we've bought her a 70cm/2m dual band hand-held radio as a present and we were hoping that the licence would come through so that she could transmit for the first time on her birthday.

I emailed the coordinator of the course to see if he knew why we hadn't received the licence yet and apparently all the paperwork for the 13 people who sat the test at the same time has gone astray in the post and they're now trying to work out what to do :(

So unfortunately she'll have to wait a bit longer until she can transmit.


Old NFO said...

Well, THAT just sucks... and remember the Government is here to "help"... yeah, right...

Crucis said...

I thought your postal service was better than ours. Apparently not. Sorry she was disappointed.