Sunday, February 24, 2013

I have ordered a rifle

After many (many) months of hesitation I have bitten the bullet, so to speak, and have ordered myself a Tikka T3 .223 rifle (synthetic stock, stainless barrel).

Shooting Buddy is getting the same rifle (wood stock, blued barrel) in .308.  His rifle is in the shop and I'm hoping mine will be there in a week or two.

I spoke to Firearms Branch on Friday to see what was required so that we could co-licence the guns (otherwise storage and transportation could be an issue).  The guy at Firearms Branch was very helpful and, after putting me on hold to double check his information, said the best way to proceed was the following:

1. Put both applications in for firearm additions at the same time. (It's called a firearm's addition as we both currently hold firearms licences).
2. Put both firearms on each application.
- on mine put the .223 down as 'owner'
- and put the .308 down as 'co-licensed' (apparently there's a drop down on the online form for this option).
(reverse this on Shooting Buddy's)
3. Along with each application the following would be needed:
- property letter (with both calibres listed)
- co-users permission form (this is a new one on me - but apparently needs to be submitted now if the guns are to be co-licenced).  I will need to have one from Shooting Buddy and he needs one from me
- the serviceability certificate for the gun we're 'owning'
- a copy of the serviceability certificate for the gun we're 'co-licensing'

So once I have the serial number of my firearm we will be able to proceed with this process.  He did say it might take a bit longer than usual for the applications to be processed but it shouldn't be too much of an issue.  So here's hoping!

I will let you know how I go.


TinCan Assassin said...

You know, I'm suddenly very, very grateful to live in the U.S.A. I don't have to go through any of that crap.

Tam said...

Congrats on the new rifle! :)

(Every time I read one of these kinds of checklists from strange foreign countries with exotic gun laws like Australia or New Jersey, I go donate money to the NRA or SAF or somebody...)

Julie said...

Thanks TCA & Tam for stopping by.

Supporting those organisations is important Tam - you guys need to fight long and hard to keep the freedom you have!

It's going to be months until I have the rifle in my hand and like my other firearms purchases / licensing sagas I will blog the progress over the months.

Freiheit said...

I demand pictures of the rifle and the groups you shoot when it comes in!

Sean D Sorrentino said...

So how much would a plane ticket and a work visa cost?

Someone once suggested that the real reason for gun control and other anti-freedom laws was it convinced a lot of the "wrong sort of people" to pack up and leave. It was a fancy method of selecting your neighbors. I'm inclined to believe that many people are motivated by a desire to tell people like me to move to another state.

I explained to my wife that it was a two page form and a phone call to the FBI here. I skip the phone call because I have Concealed Handgun Permit.

MSgt B said...

That's terrific!

I've had the Tikka T3 in .308 for a few years, a beautiful rifle.

Sorry you have to wade through so much to get one...

Old NFO said...

I can only admire y'all for putting up with that. And you WILL like the Tikka!!!

Julie said...

Freiheit - Pictures will definitely come ... but don't hold your breath. The quickest that I've had any previous firearms licenced is about 3 months and that's when the gun hasn't needed to be ordered in!

Sean - Often contemplated a move to the USA. However, I might hold off until I see what happens in the next couple of years for you guys!

MSgtB - Thanks :)

Jim - Thanks ... I should have it by the time you get here next and then you'll have to come hunting with me to give it a go!

Sean D Sorrentino said...

I don't blame you. We are at the saber rattling stage currently. Hopefully the other side will not make us prove we aren't to be pushed around.

3 months? If I had the money I could have one in 30 minutes, and most of that time would be waiting to be served at the counter.

BobG said...

Congratulations! I'm just glad I don't have to go through that procedure.

Wally said...


I mean, congratz on getting some new shooty goodness :)

Suldog said...

Julie - Might you visit this site and read the blog (he is a good fellow, overall, and I consider him a friend) and chime in concerning his thoughts on gun control? I'd be interested in what you had to say. I have left a comment there, and I'd appreciate your thoughts on that, also.

TOTWTYTR said...

Life would be so much simpler if we could make Australia the 51st state.

Just saying.


Julie said...

BobG & Wally - you guys keep fighting for your freedoms or you will be in the same situation.

Suldog - interesting post by your friend, I have commented on it.

TOTWTYTR - that would be nice ... um, actually can we wait until the post-Obama era :)