Thursday, October 24, 2013

Congratulations to my two clever girls ...

The girls entered some of their sewing in the local show.

Miss 12 picked up a first prize and "best in group" for her cross-stitch:

Miss 10 picked up first prize for her a sewing bag she made and embroidered:

She received a second prize for her cross-stitch:

And a "highly commended" for her pin cushion

Both girls received $5 as prize money and Miss 10 also received a voucher for $20 at a sewing shop for having the most points.


Stephen said...

Love it....tell 'em I said, 'atta girl.'

Old NFO said...

Good for them! And that is ONE skill that will always pay off (and always look better that 'our' attempts to fix things)!

DixieLaurel said...

That's awesome! Sewing is a very important skill.

Crucis said...

Nice. My wife, before her eyes got too bad, did a lot of counter-cross stitching. She gave them away as personal gifts.

It's a heritage the girls can take with them through the years.

Julie said...

Thanks Stephen :)

Lol Jim, I am working on the "sewing on buttons and hemming" skills too

Thanks DixieLaurel

Counter-cross stitching sounds interesting Crucis - might suggest that to the girls for a project down the track.