Friday, April 24, 2015

100 years ... Lest We Forget

Tomorrow marks the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli landing.

Like thousands of Australians, or more likely millions, we will be at a Dawn Service to mark the occasion.  The service will not only remember those that fought and died at Gallipoli, but all of those who have served and do serve in the Australian and New Zealand armed forces.

Both the girls' schools held remembrance services today.  I am surprised by the facts about Gallipoli that they have been taught.  I remember the ANZAC services from my school days but I don't remember being taught about what it represented or means in the depth that they have been.  I am very pleased that this is part of their education.


Old NFO said...

Say a prayer for us too. They done good, and are STILL doing good!

Gary Griffin said...

For the one nation that has always supported the US in it's wars, we give thanks to all the Australians.

Julie said...

Thoughts and prayers are for all those who serve in support of our way of life Jim.

Thanks for stopping by Gary.