Wednesday, April 28, 2010

“Hunters need not apply”, but apparently fishing is okay …

Nice property, but apparently the owners don't like hunting. Surprisingly they're okay with fishing. Maybe fish don't have feelings.

Oh, and the fish?

Shame I don't have a spare couple of hundred thousand laying around.


Old NFO said...

Interesting, wonder if that is a caveat on the deed or not? And that is NOT a cheap place apparently... Although it doesn't show how much land, or at least no where that I could see.

DaddyBear said...

Too bad. That land looks beautiful.

Julie said...

not that expensive:

Lot 13 173.2 ha (428 acres) $295,000
Lot 14 82.53 ha (204 acres) $275,000
Lot 15 129.9 ha (318 acres) $295,000

Crucis said...

Hmmm, what's the exchange ratio between the US and Australian currency?

A statement like that would receive a lawsuit in the US and in some areas a guaranteed win if taken to a jury.

Julie said...

Hi Crucis - the exchange rate is more or less 1:1 at the moment (close enough anyway - actually i think 1AUD = .95US).

Here I don't think there's any anti-discrimination legislation for activities.

I'm not sure what legal standing they would have if you did buy the property without disclosing that you are a hunter and then hunted on the property.

As far as I know (and this is being discussed in other places), there is no actual caveat on the deed - only personal opinion from the vendors, Jim.

Crucis said...

Julie, if there are no deed or local legal constraints, all the buyer needs to do is keep their mouths shut and close the deal.

Just make sure there are no constraints in the purchase contract.