Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Letting Your Co-Workers Know You Shoot - Part 2

Jay, over at MArooned, has a blog post up about why he doesn't advertise that he shoots at work. Jay was the blogger that I had the discussion with which sparked my recent post on the topic which can be found here.

Have a read of Jay's post and the comments he received.


Crucis said...

You have to take into consideration where Jay resides---in one of the most hostile, anti-gun states in the US. Just about everywhere else, it's a none issue. I used to work for the #2 telecom company in the US. If we ever had a range day, there'd be more folks bring a weapon than those who wouldn't.

Where you live and work make a big difference and many of the residents of the NE states down to NJ and CA are mind-dulled sheep. The rest of the nation is not.

Old NFO said...

Crucis makes an excellent point... I'm in the same boat he was, albeit for a different employer; I get emails AT WORK about going shooting from other folks AT WORK... :-)

And we do occasionally stop on the way home and pop a few caps at the NRA range... :-)

Julie said...

I understand that point Crucis.

The thing is is that I would have thought that Australia would have been more unfriendly towards gun owners than anywhere in the States.

Yet, I don't have a fear of people at work knowing I shoot. It therefore surprised me that Jay did.

What I didn't know, and the point that Jay made clear in his blog post our last discussion, was the capricious nature of the licencing where he lives.

Here, although it is difficult to get a licence and firearms it is not 'that' easy to lose them, without doing something stupid. It seems that that isn't the case where he is.