Saturday, January 29, 2011

Post Op Update #2 with a twist

Took the girls in to see hubby today after Miss 7's gymkhana (will post photos later).

He was just on his way to have an x-ray when we rocked up. This was the x-ray that he was supposed to have when I turned up last night. Apparently they don't start any physio until after an x-ray.

The girls were happy to see their dad and he was, of course, happy to see them. Miss 9 commented afterwards on how well he was looking.

They took his morphine pump away as he hadn't used it enough in the 24hrs after surgery. He is back on oxycontin, but I'm not sure of the dosage.

He hadn't seen the surgeon. He had been told that he was on his way earlier that morning, then he was told that he had been called into surgery.

However, things must be okay because I had a call from him a little while ago and the physio had had him up standing and taking a few steps!!!

THEN I got a call from him about 10mins ago to tell me that a friend of ours, who was going to visit him this evening had had a fall and was in the same ward! Apparently, he had been to see a movie with his wife before going to visit hubby and had tripped and broken his leg.

He had rung hubby from the ED and hubby had spoken to the nurses and managed to get him into the same room. So at least they'll get some time to catch up. I do, however, feel sorry for his wife!

So thoughts and prayers for both of these guys please. Especially for an infection free speedy recovery!


TOTWTYTR said...

That's some friend!

I'm glad that things are going well. My only advice is to tell hubby to watch for constipation with the Oxycodone. In the US, hospitals normally give a stool softener when a patient is on it, but I of course have no idea what Australian practice is.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's a good idea to have those two in the same room?
No telling what kind of mischief they might come up with.


Old NFO said...

That's great news Julie! Thoughts and prayers will continue!