Monday, January 3, 2011

Weapons aren't the problem

Just having a look at causes of death and crime rates in Australia. The latest figures I can find are from 2009.

Here are the ones for weapon use.


In 2009, a weapon was used in 77% of attempted murders, 66% of murders and 43% of robberies (Table 2.6).

A knife was the most common type of weapon used in committing these offences: 37% of attempted murder victims; 36% of murder victims; and 19% of robbery victims were subjected to an offence involving a knife.

A firearm was involved in 18% of attempted murders, 12% of murders and 7% of robbery offences.

A high proportion of sexual assault offences (98%), kidnapping/abduction offences (83%) and over half of robbery offences (57%) committed did not involve the use of a weapon.

(Emphasis mine)


So even if we did get rid of all weapons - including knives and guns - crime rates won't change much.

So if it's not the weapon, it's ???


Old NFO said...

Excellent point Julie, once again, only the bad guys have guns, because they DON'T obey laws the rest of us do... and they WILL find a weapon of some kind... What also happens is that John and Jane Q Public are unarmed and the criminals know it!

Suldog said...

I'm always amused (in a bitter sort of way) at those folks who believe that getting rid of such-and-such a weapon will make such-and-such a crime magically disappear. Sick people who wish to do sick things will always find implements to help them do said sick things. Get rid of one, they'll dig up another.