Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun site for kids

Over the last couple of days Miss 7 has been challenging the rest of us to a game of checkers or chess.

I played her in chess and was surprised at how well she played. She was a bit sketchy on the all of the rules but did have an understanding of the basics and wasn't bad at strategy.

So after the game I dug out a website that I had come across about 6 months ago and sat down with her to work through some of it.

I like the way that it is presented even if I think they spend too long on each topic for littlies. Anyway, if you've got a child who is interested in learning chess check (lol) it out here.

[pdate]I have just found (by actually reading the site's front page) an updated version of the website, here[/update]

[update2]The girls prefer the original site rather than the updated site. It's not as easy to navigate but it's written in a much more fun way.[/update2]

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