Saturday, April 2, 2011

Upate on Hubby

Skul asked in a comment on my last post how hubby was going, so I thought an update was due :)

He's going pretty well actually. He's walking more and more often without crutches or a cane. The physio wants him to use these when he's out, but around the house he's free to walk unaided.

He's therefore able to do more around the house too (yay!). This makes my life a lot easier :)

On Tuesday he has a post-op appointment with the Surgeon. We're hoping that he will be given the 'okay to drive' then (so fingers crossed please).

Once he's back driving he'll also be able to start looking for work (yay!).

SO all being well, life will get a bit easier :)

Thanks to everyone for their support.

I'll let you all know how Tuesday's appointment goes.

In other family news - Miss 7 had an operation on her ingrown toenails two weeks ago and is now pretty much fully recovered but Miss 9 has an allergenic cough and a secondary infection - so she's keeping all of us up at night :( Saw the doctor today with her, hopefully the stuff he's given her will help!

Me? I'm well, thanks :) (Just tired!).


Old NFO said...

Thanks for the updates, and pretty much good news all the way around! Tired is survivable... :-)

DaddyBear said...

Good to hear! I think Mom will be due a vacation once everyone's healthy again!

Scott McCray said...

Glad things are looking up! Get some rest yourself - gotta keep you strong.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

*hugs* take care of yourself so you stay well! And Hope Miss 9 feels better soon!

It's good to hear that Miss 7 and your Hubby are doing better. :-) Thanks for the update!