Sunday, May 1, 2011

Range Report and Newbies (Twofer)

Well I went up to shoot a match on Saturday. It's my first weekend shoot in I-don't-know-how-long and I was pretty nervous.

Due to hubby running late I got there EXACTLY on time. Everyone had just broken up into squads and headed onto the stages. With the help of Shooting Buddy, I signed in, grabbed some score sheets and joined a squad.

It was a nice squad, four 'old' club members, three of my 'ex-trainees', Shooting Buddy and myself.

There were four stages set up. The squad had finished the 'walk-through' on the first stage before I joined them, so luckily I was shooting second last and had plenty of time to get an idea of the layout before I had to shoot.

The stage went well. I didn't have a 'good' grip on the gun but even so managed 1 Alpha, 1 Charlie on pretty much all the targets.

By the second stage I was feeling more settled. Also a good shoot. Had a better grip this time and got mostly As. I was reasonable slow though :( Seriously out of practice.

There wasn't anything stunning about stage 2 and 3, but on four I couldn't get the first round to chamber when I loaded.

I tried both type of mags I carry (Chip McCormick 38mags & the standard Springfield mags). So I asked the RO if I could shoot later and went to an adjacent range to see if I could figure out what was wrong.

Turned out to be a projy stuck in the barrel?!? Checking my rounds I discovered that for some reason they didn't seem to be crimped and when I unloaded at the previous stage the projy must have stuck.

I asked one of the other shooters for a rod and removed the projy. I managed to shoot the stage without further issue - listening very carefully for any squib loads. I will have to check my press to see what has gone wrong and recrimp the rest of the rounds.

It was fun to shoot with the weekend squads again. Will have to try and get there more often.


After the shoot two gals that I chat to on gbc came up for a shoot. They have had some but not a lot of exposure to firearms.

We started with my Ruger 22/45, moved onto the Glock 9mm and my 9mm Springfield. They really seemed to enjoy themselves - here are the pics:


Old NFO said...

Sounds like a good time Julie! And I'm glad YOU did some shooting for a change :-)

DaddyBear said...

Wow, you got lucky finding that round in the barrel the easy way!

MMMM, Australian women with guns. What more can a man ask for?

Glad you all had a good time!