Friday, July 1, 2011

Is this evidence of the current education system?

During a lull in work today (while my computer was processing data without me), I decided to read "Ask Bossy".

Bossy is the Agony Aunt of

Here's an extract from today's submission:

lets call her Nat.
me and Nat go back 7 years we use to be best friends during school had a huge fall out because I started dating this guy she had a crush on ( I had no idea) then after high school we re kindled our friendship and moved in together with her brother moving in to.
that was fine, until she took a fancy to my well good friend of many years, we where only friends and I had no idea she once again had a crush on him cause she was always talking about “Patrick “ like how she had a crush ect. wanted to hook up and stuff anyway, things got sexual with my mate of many years (not Patrick) and she found out and acted like I did it on purpose cause she liked him?? we had a cat fights ect (she stole my money, clothes, personal stuff ,rent ) and vowed for revenge

I then met my BF “Nick” (now ex). I told nick very early in the relationship that I dispited this girl for the things that had happened. he understood. well I thought so until we broke up.

when we called it even he said about the elephant in the room that he had seen Nats Bro (nice guy value for money) and that Nat had got his number and had been texting him and that he had been replying but didn’t mean anything more then a friends. I re explained the situation that she was out for revenge. I demanded his phone and read all the msgs and it was friendly but I was MAD!

Didn’t speak for a few weeks then his fam went away for weeks so I stayed with him at his parents house. we fell asleep on the couch and the phone vibrated about 6 times ( I don’t believe in looking in people property with out asking) I ignored but being a iphone I seen Nat’s full name on the pop up msg so I looked and they had been talking, only friendly. I was so furious I just left it.

The author of this is ... 19 turning 20 ....

In Australia 10 years of schooling is mandatory.

(If you want to read the whole thing, check out: some of the comments are hilarious).


Anonymous said...

Yes...that's a product of public education! We are moving our daughter to a private school this fall because we are tired of the "dummy down" program! We can't totally blame the schools, many parents don't take an active role in their kids lives.

Old NFO said...

Glutton for punishment? or just plain dumb? I dunno... but that being said, I'd be running away from that 3 way.