Friday, July 15, 2011

Now that's an arsenal

Too many times you see headlines talking about an "arsenal" of firearms being found only to read that this consisted of 3 beat-up old rifles. Here however we have a story where the term "arsenal" may actually fit ...

Rocket man Robert Wakim throws up his arms over gun charges

MILITARY weapons enthusiast or illegal arms dealer?

Robert Wakim has been a licensed firearms dealer for 15 years but, after a bazooka and other illegal weapons were allegedly found in his shed, he now faces 23 firearms charges.

Downing Centre Local Court heard police raided his southwest Sydney storage property late last year and allegedly found a host of prohibited items, including a bazooka, a grenade, military-style weapons, an assault rifle, crossbow and ammunition.

Mr Wakim, a family man with a history of compliance with firearms rules, believed he might have been "set up".

His solicitor Brett Galloway said outside court: "As far as Mr Wakim was aware, he had every possible licence available. He has been in the business for many years and never had a problem."

Police claimed Mr Wakim did not hold a prohibited weapons permit but alleged he was in possession of a number of items in that category.

Documents tendered to the court alleged he was in possession of two 10-round detachable 12-gauge shotgun magazines, extendable baton, two slingshots and unauthorised firearms including a Daewoo USAS-12 self-loading shotgun, and an SKS self-loading rifle.

Wakim also faces two counts of possessing shortened or modified firearms (not pistols), two of not complying with appropriate storage regulations and attempting to deceive authorities. He faces a total 23 charges including four counts of possessing/using military-style weapons without a permit and six counts of possessing prohibited weapons.

Mr Galloway said that there had been too many changes to rules governing the possession of firearms.

The case was adjourned until next month.

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DaddyBear said...

Add in a campfire, a bottle of whiskey, some good friends, and a few hundred acres of unoccupied land, and that sounds like the recipe for a good weekend.

Old NFO said...

Damn... Not good either way!

Gay_Cynic said...

It's sad to observe the decline of a formerly free nation - even from a distance, and even while watching the decline of ones own.