Friday, January 16, 2009

Hot, hot, hot .... hot

I'm over this weather ... two days over 38C (100F) is enough to drive me mad! ... It was 29C (84F) when I was driving to work at 7am this morning.

Tomorrow they're forecasting 33C and storms! I'm even less of a fan of humid weather than I am of heat. Mmmm, maybe I'm just hard to please!

Just found this -

Perth breaks heat record

PERTH is sweltering through the hottest start to the year since records began in 1897.

As the mercury hit 40C this morning, January moved into the record books for the hottest start to the year with an average temperature of 34.5C.

Trains on all lines slowed down this afternoon taking 20kmh from the maximum speed as temperatures hit the 40s but have been sped up by 10kmh at 3pm.

A high pressure system is bringing hot easterlies to WA and sending temperatures soaring.

There was little relief from the heat after the sun went down last night as Perth's overnight temperature dipped to a minimum of 25.4C at 11.37pm.

The hottest ever Perth night was 27.8C recorded in 1989.

By 1.30am last night, the temperature had climbed to 30c.

This time last year Perth had the equal fourth hottest January on record, according to John Ralph from the WA Bureau of Meteorology.

The hottest night ever recorded in WA was in Wittenoom on 21st January 2003 with an overnight low of 35.5C.

“We are going to be tossing and turning in our beds again tonight with the temperatures expected to drop to a hot 24C,” Mr Ralph said.

Relief is on the way with a cool change forecast for tomorrow as a trough turns the wind around to the west.

“The temperature will get cooler as the trough moves inland,” Mr Cook said.

Storms are forecast for Sunday but don’t rush out and cancel plans just yet as Mr Cook said they may not eventuate.

“If there is a storm there is always a chance of lightning but whether we actually get a storm is another question,” he said.



Gwennie said...

It hasn't hit us yet in Bris, but I'm sure it will.

Tam said...

Having lived thirty years in Georgia and Tennessee, I say "Thank heavens for air conditioning!"

An Atlanta summer would invariably feature a couple-three week stretch of 90/90's (90+F/90+% humidity). That was less fun on a motorcycle than sub-freezing commutes in the winter.

Julie said...

Hope it slips south and avoids you Gwennie

.... thanks for stopping by Tam, the air-conditioning at work isn't that effective and we only have fans at home (car's nice though) :( ... I still think we should share 50/50 ... that would certainly make it more bearable for both, I reckon.

Old NFO said...

Trade ya, it was 12 degrees Farenheit this morning when I left for work... I don't do cold real well! At least in the heat, you can cool off with AC!