Monday, July 26, 2010

A Busy Weekend

On Saturday we had a trainee that had had a car accident return to complete his training. We did an assessment class with him in the morning (which he did very well in) so in the afternoon the Chief Instructor, the trainee and me rigged up and shot stages.

It was nice to actually shoot stages again and I was surprised that I did okay! Still need lots of practice but I wasn't as bad as I feared I would be after so long of not shooting.

In the evening the family and I headed south to Yarloop (about 1.5hr drive) for a family "Christmas in July" dinner. It was a nice time, but we didn't get home until midnight.

Sunday saw the family head out to a helicopter company that was having an open day. It was REALLY INTERESTING and the girls loved it. They were allowed to climb in and out of the helicopters and there was a lot of people around to answer their questions. One of the highlights was the Police helicopter. Miss 8 had a good chat with one of the policemen who works as support / rescue on the helicopter. He put the rescue belt around her and explained how it worked.

After a cuppa, a visit to Bunnings and the purchase of some plants we headed home.

Miss 8 had a disaster with some silly putty (it fell out of the car and got run over), so once the tears subsided we decided to buy some silly putty ingredients and make a replacement. Miss 6 was making pan pipes from recycled materials while we did this.

So all in all a busy, but fun weekend.


Old NFO said...

And sounds like some "learning" was done by all... Just remember a helicopter is nothing more that 60,000 parts in loose formation that are held together by one nut (Literally called the Jesus Nut) that only flies because the earth rejects it... :-)

Julie said...

lol Jim, you make me glad that i didn't actually go up in one :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, heck, they're not THAT bad.
NFO is just an old starchwing guy that's jealose his P-3 couldn't back-up in flight. :D

Yes, we really did call it the "Jesus nut".