Friday, October 14, 2011

Heard in the kitchen

Miss 10: "We have a possum"

Me: "Yes, I know"

Miss 10: "In the roof, it was running above my head in bed last night"

Me: "I know, I heard it when I was on the phone to [Shooting Buddy]. He suggested a 22lr."

{brief pause}

Miss 10: "Yum, possum pie"


Old NFO said...

Um... NO, trust me, been there tried it, and threw it out... WAY to greasy and gamy.

Suldog said...

Huh. I thought possum were only around here, in North America. Learn something new every day!

DaddyBear said...

Sounds like you're raising that young lady right!

Julie said...

Thanks Guys ...

OldNFO - noted, probably for the best as these things are protected!

Suldog, I'm not sure if our possums are like yours. I did do a wiki on it awhile back, but I've forgotten the outcome :)

DB - hope so, really hope so!