Sunday, March 18, 2012

Couldn't hit a fly - hopefully ....

Blogsurfing found me at Mr. Completely who has an e-postal shooting match up.

It looks fun - here's the target:

Lot of categories to choose from - I think there's probably something for everyone - except maybe shotguns ... I'ld be pretty impressed if you can shoot a shotgun at the target and MISS all the flies.  Yes, the challenge is to shoot 25 rounds at the target stopping when you hit a fly.

Closing date is midnight April 1st (not sure which timezone we're talking).

So who is going to give it a go?

I'm hoping to get up the range next Saturday and try it out with both my Springfield 9mm and the Ruger 22/45.

Full details here.


knirirr said...

I might have a go at that, if I can get to the range before then.
I've only got one handgun (a Colt Walker repro) so that will have to do.

Old NFO said...

If I can get to the range, I'll give it a try!

Mr. Completely said...

Thanks for helping to get the word out on the e-Postal match series. I tried to reply to your email, but the email address doesn't seem to be working. Please email me when you can with a live email address and I'll email you............

Thanks again,

Mr. Completely

Julie said...

Hi knirirr, jim hopefully you will be able to get to the range before the end of the month!

Mr Completely - thanks for setting this up - not sure why the email address connected to here isn't working (julied at consultant dot com). Anyway, I have sent you an email.