Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Internet hassles

Anyone who has tried to talk to me on GBC lately will know that I've been having hassles with my internet connection since the server, access point and a couple of other things were taken out by lightening about 6 weeks back. It's all been replaced but my internet connection has never been the same.

My internet hassles are now expanding to other areas of my internet usage.  For the first time since I got internet (which, if I recall correctly, was 1996) I've had problems with an on-line order I made.  I've ordered from this company multiple times before, without issue, however this time I received a nice big box full of stuff that I didn't order.  It had my name & order number on it but different contents.  I'm currently having an email exchange with them which is driving me mad.  So far I've sent them photos of the label on the box and the contents.  Now they've asked me to jump through another dozen hoops to get a request for return authorised.  The thing that really annoyed me about these dozen hoops is that I'm supposed to do it for each item on my order?!? Huh? ... I didn't get the items I ordered.  They haven't mentioned when I'll actually get the items I did order.  Grrrr

AND then there's another company where I have an online subscription for the girls to do additional learning.  Something has got screwed up in the marking system and Miss 10 didn't received a record of results for a couple of things she's done.  She also has the system showing that she did the same thing four times all simultaneous when she only did it once.  I emailed them about this, so one of the testers went in and did one of the activities (got a shocking mark) and then said 'see it works' - leaving the 'fail' result on my daughters account.  And then ask me to provide information about what I'ld like the results section to show in future upgrades!  HUH?!? Nothing about removing the 'fail' mark and putting her actual marks in or anything actually addressing my concerns.



Old NFO said...

Oh lovely... Sounds like a 'bit' of work coming to get all those items sorted out!

KurtP said...

So,,,all those other goodies you didn't order- is it worth the hassle of returning them?
Are they worth more than you spent?

Julie said...

unfortunately Kurt they're not anything i actually need or want.

The good news is that after half a dozen emails they advised me that they have located my order and will dispatch it to me when the recipient returns it.