Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm back

Well, I've just got back from Brisbane - with my magazine :)

For those who don't know, I went to Brisbane last Tuesday for a "meet & greet" and induction with my new job.  I'll be working here in Perth but reporting to a manager in Brisbane.

It was a good couple of days.  Met the manager & two team mates.  They all seem lovely and the work environment is very positive.  I'm looking forward to meeting the other members of the company who work in Perth next week.  I'll be working alongside the Perth team and from what I've heard they're really nice too.

Oh and I've got a new iPhone!  And I've almost figured out how to work it!

I did manage - thanks to my new boss, who gave me a lift out there - to get to Qld Gun Exchange before they closed on Thursday evening and I picked up the magazine.

It was funny at the airport as the guy who was checking me in hadn't checked in anyone with just a magazine before and he thought that it didn't need to be checked in as a "restricted item".  However when he rang the baggage handlers "out the back" they didn't know what to do either so it was decided that it was probably best to put it through as "restricted" rather than risk it.  He was fascinated that a female would be interested in shooting and was asking me heaps of questions.  He reckons he would like to give it a go - shame he's on the other side of the country, makes it difficult to take him to a range.

He didn't even charge me for checking luggage (my company hadn't booked any for me, although they were willing to reimburse me if I did check luggage).

The benefit with checking it in as an "restricted item" was that it was the first bag off the plane and hand-delivered to me at the "oversized baggage claim".

Anyway home now - after a 4 and a bit hour flight - at least I had an empty seat next to me so that I could stretch out.


On a Wing and a Whim said...

Woot! Congrats on the new job, getting home with everything in one go, and finding friendly staff on the way!

Old NFO said...

Good for you :-) And glad to hear it's a good team!

MSgt B said...

While out doing my yard work today, I wore my Ruger SP101, .357 magnum on my belt.

During my work, my neighbor called me over to the fence so he could chat with me about the renovations he's doing in his house, and to ask how the in-laws were getting along. (Mrs B has been away helping them)

He didn't even mention my pistol.

I felt rather let down. I had just cleaned and polished it, and I was hoping for some compliments.

P.S. - Glad to hear you got that magazine all the way home without being arrested.

MSgt B said...

Don't mind me.

The guns are all put away, and I'm drinking beer and throwing snarky comments around on my favorite blogs.

Congrats on the new job.

Julie said...

Thanks Wing, Jim & MSgt B - oh and lol on the shiny pistol without a comment!

Now I just have to remember where I put the padlock keys so I can get into the bag where the magazine is ....

Sendarius said...

No issue on the plane? Told ya!

Julie said...

True there was "no issue on the plane", Sendarius, the 30mins it took me to get the 'restricted item' tag & have it checked through was a bit of a downer - or would have been if the guy checking me in hadn't been so interested in shooting :)