Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Infiltrating the school system :)

In Miss 8's class this term they have been given a specific date & topic for news and on the same day they also need to present a "word for the day".

Miss 8 decided that her word was going to be "camouflage" and she found some pictures of various things which demonstrated the word.

The news topic that she was given was "The best present I have received".  She has already done all of her "horse stuff" (Miss 8 lives for horse riding) in previous year's news sessions so she wasn't sure what to do.  So over the last couple of weeks we have been tossing ideas around.  Everything I suggested she has said no to.  So, pretty much in desperation, I suggested that she does news on her rifle (which was a Christmas present a couple of years back).  She agreed! 

Last week I doubled checked with the teacher if she was happy for her to do this for news - and no, we weren't planning to bring the rifle in.  The teacher agreed with this topic but asked Miss 8 to focus on the 'safety aspects' rather than the 'killing & maiming' aspects.  This is what Miss 8 had already planned.

Today was her news day - here is the poster she designed and made (with a little bit of help):

I was particularly impressed with the wording she put on the poster.  We discussed the main points to remember when handling / shooting firearms and these were the things she came up with.

When I went to collect her from school this afternoon, I asked her teacher how her news had gone.  The teacher gave her two thumbs up :)


Farmmom said...

Good job Miss 8!!!!!

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Christina RN LMT said...

w00t! Congratulations on a job well done (that goes for Miss 8 AND her parents. ;))