Sunday, March 4, 2012

Newbie on the range

Last year we took a group of scouts to the range.  One of the Leader's partners didn't come.  I didn't actually realise she wanted to, but couldn't, until a discussion last week.  Once I found out that she was interested I organised another trip - for tomorrow.  However, work intervened again so we went up yesterday.

After watching the ICORE competition that was running, for about half an hour, we found an unoccupied range, set up two targets and got the guns out.  Now she had shot as a young adult but hadn't touched a gun in years so I started with my Ruger 22/45.  We then moved onto my 9mm Springfield and then as the ICORE guys were packing up I asked a friend if she could have a try of his "fully decked out and worked" 38 super Revolver.  She had a lot of fun with all of the guns (and her partner also had a few shots - he is annoyingly accurate).

We then put the handguns away and got out the rifles.  I had two with me, a single shot Stirling (.22lr) and a lever action Winchester.  The Stirling had iron sights, the Winchester had a scope.  Unfortunately, she didn't feel comfortable with either rifle - we tried freehand and resting - but it just didn't work for her.

I then got out my Tuffy .410 shotgun and she had a shot of that off the shoulder.  I did tell her to told it tight and pull it in but she did get quite a kick :(  She enjoyed it more shooting at arms length.

By this time the range was empty, but luckily the stages had been left up.  So we went down to an all steel range which was quite a challenging shoot and used up the rest of my 9mm (unfortunately I only took a 100 rounds with me).  I then shot the steel with the .22.

All in all a fun day.  Will have to get her up to the range again with a few different rifles to see if we can find one that she's happy to shoot.

Oh, and I'm still going up the range on Monday - with more newbies - so stay tuned!

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Sendarius said...

That Tuffy BITES.

I can't believe it was ever intended as a child's introduction to shotguns.