Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Here we learn" ...

Yesterday's activities (there'll be a blog post on this later) saw me at a state high school in our Northern suburbs.

On the door of EVERY classroom was a sticker (A4 size in bright yellow) that said "Here we learn". Unfortunately, it was on the outside of the door implying (to me at least) that learning was only done inside the classroom :(

Monday, July 18, 2011

It's the future - here's your flying car

Yep, really and truly, any day now ... and for only $227,000.

Full story and pics here and seriously, what is the US army going to do with a flying Humvee???

Friday, July 15, 2011

Now that's an arsenal

Too many times you see headlines talking about an "arsenal" of firearms being found only to read that this consisted of 3 beat-up old rifles. Here however we have a story where the term "arsenal" may actually fit ...

Rocket man Robert Wakim throws up his arms over gun charges

MILITARY weapons enthusiast or illegal arms dealer?

Robert Wakim has been a licensed firearms dealer for 15 years but, after a bazooka and other illegal weapons were allegedly found in his shed, he now faces 23 firearms charges.

Downing Centre Local Court heard police raided his southwest Sydney storage property late last year and allegedly found a host of prohibited items, including a bazooka, a grenade, military-style weapons, an assault rifle, crossbow and ammunition.

Mr Wakim, a family man with a history of compliance with firearms rules, believed he might have been "set up".

His solicitor Brett Galloway said outside court: "As far as Mr Wakim was aware, he had every possible licence available. He has been in the business for many years and never had a problem."

Police claimed Mr Wakim did not hold a prohibited weapons permit but alleged he was in possession of a number of items in that category.

Documents tendered to the court alleged he was in possession of two 10-round detachable 12-gauge shotgun magazines, extendable baton, two slingshots and unauthorised firearms including a Daewoo USAS-12 self-loading shotgun, and an SKS self-loading rifle.

Wakim also faces two counts of possessing shortened or modified firearms (not pistols), two of not complying with appropriate storage regulations and attempting to deceive authorities. He faces a total 23 charges including four counts of possessing/using military-style weapons without a permit and six counts of possessing prohibited weapons.

Mr Galloway said that there had been too many changes to rules governing the possession of firearms.

The case was adjourned until next month.

(Nice pic can be seen at the source

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Homeowner charged with manslaughter ...

It will be interesting to see how this one goes:-

Intruder shot, leaves 50m blood trail on street before dying in gutter

A SYDNEY gangster armed with a World War II pistol has been shot dead in a botched Gold Coast home invasion believed to be linked to drugs.

The man, 34, was shot in the leg with a vintage Luger pistol after a struggle with the homeowner at Silvereye Circuit in Gilston in the Gold Coast Hinterland in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Sources say the 29-year-old homeowner told police he arrived home about 1.40am to be confronted by four masked men inside the house.

He told police he wrestled with one of the intruders and the gun discharged, the bullet hitting the man's femoral artery.

Bleeding profusely, he staggered outside and into the street where he dropped dead, leaving a 50m blood trail in his wake.

This afternoon, police charged the homeowner with manslaughter. He is expected to face Southport Magistrates Court tomorrow morning.

Sources said drugs were believed to be at the centre of the shooting and the four men who took part in the home invasion had travelled up from Sydney.

Earlier, Gold Coast police regional crime co-ordinator Tim Trezise said said the spate of gun crimes on the Gold Coast, including the fatal shooting in May of police officer Damian Leeding, was upsetting the community and putting pressure on police.

"It continues to be a concern to police and the whole community in relation to firearm offences and offences of this ilk," he said.


There are two things in this article that I am not comfortable with:

1. The homeowner being charged with manslaughter when it appears that he was confronted with armed home invaders and it was one of the home invaders' guns.

2. The reference to the "spate of gun crimes". I fear that this event and others of a similar nature this year will lead to more calls for increased regulation and legislation.

Source: Read more:

[UPDATE]Well he has been granted bail (against the wishes of the police). He'll be back in court on October 4th. Latest update here:[/UPDATE]

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thoughts and prayers please

Apparently my dad has had a stroke.

He's in hospital 500kms south (Albany), however I've just been told that it looks like he'll be transferred to a hospital up here.

[UPDATE]Thanks for the comments / prayers and emails. They're not transferring him to Perth. However, hubby is going down tomorrow for a couple of days to see how things are. Depending on his report I'll travel down either straight away or next week.[/UPDATE]

[UPDATE2]Sorry for the lack of updates, life has been chaotic lately. Dad is doing really well. He's now out of hospital. Hubby and the girls are heading down there tomorrow to see him again.[/UPDATE2]

Friday, July 1, 2011

Is this evidence of the current education system?

During a lull in work today (while my computer was processing data without me), I decided to read "Ask Bossy".

Bossy is the Agony Aunt of

Here's an extract from today's submission:

lets call her Nat.
me and Nat go back 7 years we use to be best friends during school had a huge fall out because I started dating this guy she had a crush on ( I had no idea) then after high school we re kindled our friendship and moved in together with her brother moving in to.
that was fine, until she took a fancy to my well good friend of many years, we where only friends and I had no idea she once again had a crush on him cause she was always talking about “Patrick “ like how she had a crush ect. wanted to hook up and stuff anyway, things got sexual with my mate of many years (not Patrick) and she found out and acted like I did it on purpose cause she liked him?? we had a cat fights ect (she stole my money, clothes, personal stuff ,rent ) and vowed for revenge

I then met my BF “Nick” (now ex). I told nick very early in the relationship that I dispited this girl for the things that had happened. he understood. well I thought so until we broke up.

when we called it even he said about the elephant in the room that he had seen Nats Bro (nice guy value for money) and that Nat had got his number and had been texting him and that he had been replying but didn’t mean anything more then a friends. I re explained the situation that she was out for revenge. I demanded his phone and read all the msgs and it was friendly but I was MAD!

Didn’t speak for a few weeks then his fam went away for weeks so I stayed with him at his parents house. we fell asleep on the couch and the phone vibrated about 6 times ( I don’t believe in looking in people property with out asking) I ignored but being a iphone I seen Nat’s full name on the pop up msg so I looked and they had been talking, only friendly. I was so furious I just left it.

The author of this is ... 19 turning 20 ....

In Australia 10 years of schooling is mandatory.

(If you want to read the whole thing, check out: some of the comments are hilarious).