Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Buying your first car in Western Australia (based on the system for buying a handgun).

Got the idea from this post which is definitely worth a read and thanks to Sendarius for his input!

Step 1.  Join a recognised car club.  Be a financial member for 6 months, do a safety training course and undergo (and pass) a safety test.

Step 2.  At the end of the six months, find a car that you want.  Ensure that it is a car which has a use at the club of which you are a member, and which:

a)      is no shorter than 3 metres,

b)      is no wider than 1.2 metres,

c)       has no silencer on the exhaust,

d)      has a fuel tank no larger than 10 litres,

e)      has a manual gear-box (no fully automatics allowed),

f)       has an engine capacity of less than 3.8 litres

g)      is not used by the police or military.

Step 3. Pay the vendor/dealer the full amount, and (for an additional fee) receive a copy of the serviceability certificate which contains the VIN number.  (Note, you can only purchase one car in the first six months).

Step 4. Apply to your car club for support of your purchase of the car, providing all details of the car, and specifying your intended use within the club’s activities.

Step 5. Ensure that your garage meets the requirements regarding construction material, and number of locks.  Fill in a Statutory Declaration to this fact and take supporting photographs.

Step 6. Ensure that you have acceptable separate storage for both the fuel and fuel tank.

Step 7.  Once you have passed the safety test, have the serviceability certificate and the club support letter, statutory declaration and photographs fill in the online form.  Detail your medical and mental health, genuine need for owning the car, intended use, and other miscellaneous information.

Step 8.  Print out the completed form.

Step 9.  Sign the form and take the signed form, supporting documentation and photographs along with 100 points of ID to a participating Post Office.

Step 10.  Hand form, supporting documentation, $246.30 and ID to the Post Office worker (after waiting in Post Office queue).  Wait while they take your photograph and lodge the form.

Step 11.  Wait approximately 6 – 12 weeks for the paperwork to be processed and a letter, your licence and your "extract of licence" card to be sent to you.

Step 12.  Take the licence to the seller (with the receipt) and collect your car.  Being sure to drive it directly home.

Remember cars can only be driven between your place and an approved club activity; your place and the police station and your place and mechanic.  

At all other times they must remain in the locked garage that no one else but you has access to, with the fuel tank, and fuel stored separately.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Congratulations to my two clever girls ...

The girls entered some of their sewing in the local show.

Miss 12 picked up a first prize and "best in group" for her cross-stitch:

Miss 10 picked up first prize for her a sewing bag she made and embroidered:

She received a second prize for her cross-stitch:

And a "highly commended" for her pin cushion

Both girls received $5 as prize money and Miss 10 also received a voucher for $20 at a sewing shop for having the most points.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A message to all Facebook users ...

I found an article over at Bayou Renaissance Man which highlighted some of the dangers with Facebook.

I suggest you read the article but basically Facebook allows you to download the data that they have on you.  The risk the article highlights is that anyone hacking your account could also download this data and use it.

This can be done by clicking on the cog (top right hand of the screen), choosing Account Settings, choosing General and clicking on the Download a copy of your Facebook data link.

After clicking on this I was prompted for my password.  An email was then generated and sent to me which said I was downloading the information and I received another email with the link to actually download it.

I then had to provide my password again and finally could download everything.

I have had a look through it and couldn't find anything particularly incriminating.  However, I do have a slight feeling that deleted messages are retained in this data.

I'm currently testing this theory and will update this post when I've got an answer.

[UPDATE: No, deleted messages aren't retained in the data downloaded.  So if you have messaged something to someone that you don't want others knowing, delete your messages! /UPDATE]

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Miss 10 strikes again

Miss 10:  "I'm hungry"

Me: "Have a carrot or an apple."

Miss 10: "I'm not a guinea pig."

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Am I the only one ...

Who enjoys entering the wrong numbers in those CAPTCHA thingies?

As they don't actually CHECK that you're written the correct numbers (only the letters) I really do take extraordinary delight in entering them incorrectly - it even makes up for having to go through those hoops.

However every time I do it, I am half expecting that they will start verifying them too and then all my fun will be gone!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Overheard in the car

Driving back from "up north" yesterday I was was thinking about whether or not we could afford a trip to the US and if so what could we fit into the available time.

Me: "Girls, if you had a choice would you prefer to do a machine gun shoot or go to Disneyworld"
Miss 12: "Machine gun shoot!!! Wait! Full Auto?'
Me: "Yes"
Miss 12: "Awesome"

Miss 10: "How noisy?"
Me: "Well if we use .22s it will be as loud as your rifle"
Miss 10: "That's okay.  More fun than a theme park"

Miss 12: "Actually my idea of a great holiday will be going to the States and shooting all the guns that are illegal in Australia"