Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January Wrap

Wow, another year flying by!!!

January was very quiet on the work front :(  BUT very busy in every other way.  Being school holidays meant that most of my time was taken up with the girls.

Miss 12 had an operation on her ingrowing toenail which meant that she couldn't spent all her time with horses so she was around pretty much full time for most of January.

Miss 14 had swimming lessons for her Bronze Medallion re-certification.  Due to her illness last year she hasn't done much sport at all for a long time, but thankfully she was still fit enough to cope with the swimming requirement of the Bronze Medallion and still remembered all of her first aid and resuscitation information necessary to pass.  (Well she did a Senior First Aid / CPR certificate in November so I would have been surprised if she hadn't of passed!).

After all of this was out of the way, we went down to Dunsborough for a week.  Really love it down there.  We visited all of our favourite spots - Millars Ice-Creamery; the Candy Cow in Cowaramup; Bootleg Brewery; and Treeton Estate.  For those who know the area and haven't been to any of these, they're all highly recommended.

In addition we discovered a new bakery - mmm, can't find it on Google and Google Maps has an old photo when it was a fruit shop (it's at Boodjidup Rd if anyone is looking for it, right next to the second hand place); went to a distillery, visited Boranup Cafe and Gallery,  and drove through Boranup Forest.

We returned to Perth on Friday the 29th,  a couple of hours before our Exchange Student from Japan was to arrive.  Her plane was late, so that gave us another hour to get sorted and pick her up.

The last couple of days of January were spent sorting out school uniforms, finding a Kangaroo and generally getting her and the other two ready for school on the Monday.

Miss 12 starts High School at a new school, Miss 14 goes into Year 9 and our Exchange Student is mainly doing the Year 9 classes with Miss 14, which a couple of changes.

I will let you know how they're all doing in my next post :)

I hope everyone else's years got off to a good start :)