Thursday, September 19, 2013

Latest pictures

Here is a picture of the girls.

On the left we have Miss-recently-turned-10 and on the right we have Miss-recently-turned-12.

Life has been busy, what with birthdays and getting things organised for the new schools next year.  Miss 10 is moving to the local public school (walking distance) and Miss 12 starts High School at a local Catholic school.  This isn't until February next year (school year runs Feb to Dec here), but for Miss 12 we have had three interviews and a mountain of paperwork and a uniform fitting appointment.  Miss 10's enrollment was only one form and a quick school tour (non-compulsory) - we do still have to visit the uniform shop for her sometime before the end of the year.

Work has also been keeping me busy and I've got a quick trip to Brisbane this coming week (fly out of Perth on Sunday, fly back in on Tuesday night).