Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School News

Both my girls wanted to take their targets from the shooting they did last week to school for news.

Miss 7 created a PowerPoint presentation (with a bit of help) showing the photos, as well as a slide on what to do if you find a gun and "The Four Rules". She took the presentation and her targets. One Monday the PowerPoint presentation didn't work (the USB device couldn't be read in the teacher's computer), so she was asked to do the talk without it. She was then given the opportunity today to redo her news with the PowerPoint presentation.

She said the responses from the kids and the teacher were positive.

Miss 5 just took her targets in and talked about them. Again she said the kids were all interested.

It's nice to hear about the reactions as I was a bit unsure of how they would be received.


Old NFO said...

"new" things will always attract interest, and the daughters are doing a POSITIVE thing by teaching their peers!

NotClauswitz said...


NotClauswitz said...

Oh, I should add that with a target-diagram added into the presentation the girls could analyze the target and display typical shooting errors and get some show-and-tell interaction going with the class.
Forgive me I used to prepare a lot of presentation materials in a former life.