Saturday, August 14, 2010

A day in the life of ...

Here's my day (as I'm no longer up the range all day Saturdays) ... got up at 8.30am courtesy of my eldest and a phone call from my hubby (he's still in hospital, feeling okayish as long as he doesn't move).

Breakfast was pancakes, made from one of those shaker mixes, supervised by my daughters who were telling me when to turn them. After the second one Miss 8 said I should try the next one on my own :)

She did however make me a coffee, so all is forgiven!

After brekky, we did the wash hair routine and then we wrote a shopping list and hit the stores. Miss 8 needed a prescription filled at the chemist - oh, did I forget to mention that we ended up at the 'After Hours GP' service last night after visiting hubby in hospital as Miss 8 was complaining of an ear ache. She has an infected ear.

After shopping Miss 6 helped me make bolognaise sauce. She did good! Apart from me turning on the stove and helping brown the meat (and transferring from frypan to hotpot) she did it all.

While she was doing this Miss 8 was cleaning and sorting out the pantry for me. She did a good job, but unfortunately she didn't quite get it finished so there's cans and stuff on the floor surrounding the pantry!

Meanwhile Miss 6 had finished the bolognaise and had started cleaning the bathroom and toilet for me! She needed a bit of help but again did most of it herself.

I, meanwhile, was seating in the lounge drinking cups of tea! I wish :) Seriously, there was washing to be done, dishes to be washed, guinea pig cages to be cleaned, fridges to be sorted, but it was a good fun day.

The girls, when I had to interrupt them, said that they had had a great day and wanted to do it again tomorrow :)

At about 3pm we got organised for the evening and I did their hair. The girls were going to a friend's house and then to a disco that the Girl Guides were running. I was going to visit hubby in the hospital after dropping them off and out to dinner with a friend.

The dinner was wonderful! Really nice. I had a salad with mushrooms and fried feta for a starter with a kangaroo & duck main (odd, I know, but the kangaroo patty was fantastic, the kangaroo steak was a bit underdone for my liking and the duck was a bit salty), but all in all a nice meal and nice to be able to relax for a few hours.

Then off to pick up girls and get them to bed.

What did you get up to today?

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Old NFO said...

Work... sigh... Glad you got a 'day' so to speak. Hope hubby gets home soon, and life gets back to normal!