Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to waste a morning

On Friday we had an appointment at 9.30am with the Orthopedic Surgeon. We were hoping to get a surgery date for hubby's hip replacement.

So ... we did a 'dump & run' with the girls at school, drove the hour to Freo Hospital - managed to locate a convenient parking bay (major WIN), got up to the clinic just before 9.30am and signed in.

Few mintues later we were called by a nurse and given a script for an x-ray. Odd, we thought, as there was an x-ray taken only a month ago and no indication that anything had happend in the meantime to cause issues. Anyway, trudged off to the radiology department, waited half an hour there, had the x-ray, trudged back to the surgery area and sat down to wait.

Just after 11.00am we were called again my a nurse who took us into an examination room (rather than the surgeon's consulting room) and asked us to wait. Odd we thought again as we weren't expecting a physical examination.

About 15mins later a youngish guy comes in and introduces himself as one of the surgeon's registrars. Apparently the surgeon was called into the operating theatre a couple of hours ago and can't see us.

However, as the blood infection markers are at 5 and the x-ray looked okay, we could go and come back in two weeks time!


Seriously, such as waste of time! I was not at all impressed.

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Berys said...

Julie .. grrrrrr did you hit Him ?lol Just lets hope Hubby stays well for the next two weeks