Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Snake dies of silicone poisoning after biting Israeli model's fake breast

A SNAKE who bit Israeli model and actress Orit Fox in the chest died after being poisoned by an unusual venom - the silicone in the buxom blonde's surgically enhanced breasts.

Spanish TV channel Telecinco's footage of Fox's encounter was racking up YouTube hits Monday, with some users lamenting, "R.I.P. snake," and the less-informed commenting: "I wish I was that snake!"

The video shows the model fondling and licking the serpent for a feature in Israeli DJ Shmulik Tayar's radio show, before the snake got fresh with Fox and latched on to her bountiful left breast.

The model yelped as a man wearing a T-shirt with a Spanish profanity written on the back rushed over to help.

Fox was taken to Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera, northwest of Jerusalem. After a tetanus shot and a few hours of observation, she was released, according to Telecinco.

But the snake did not fare so well. Days later, Telecinco reported that the creature had died of silicone poisoning.

Source: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/snake-dies-of-silicone-poisoning-after-biting-israeli-models-fake-breast/story-e6frfmqi-1226021568658#ixzz1GdQr0aWD
- there's also a link to a video here


Rev. Paul said...

Well. That was different, anyway.

Farmmom said...

We actually found a good use for silicone implants! :D

KurtP said...

Ummm...sorry, but if that wasn't (I assume) a venomous snake- with fangs.
How did it puncture those funbags?

Not to mention, that if it's not venomous, it's only got little "holding" teeth, not incisors to swallow a chunk of silicone.

*note- If I didn't have a rescue iguana, I probably wouldn't have paid any attention to this article at all*

DaddyBear said...

Couldn't have happened to a better reptile.

Old NFO said...

Payback backfired on the snake...

North said...

The trick is to not swallow.

Suldog said...

Was it a milk snake?