Friday, May 20, 2011

Illegal hunters?!?

From today's news:

Horse shot and skinned in paddock near Esk

FOREST HILL police in Queensland are searching for a person who shot a horse and skinned its head near Esk.

Detective Senior Constable Scott Petrie, of the Forest Hill Stock and Rural Crime Investigation Squad, said the horse was in its own paddock off Esk-Crows Nest Road in Biarra when someone shot it in the heart sometime between May 8 and May 12.

He said whoever shot the four-year-old thoroughbred also skinned its head.

Det Senior Constable Petrie said the skin was not left at the scene with the body.

"It's a bizarre occurrence," he said.

"People need to be aware of illegal hunters in this area and if anyone sees anything to call us or Crime Stoppers."

The horse was bay with a white star on its forehead.


Awful, terrible and I hope they catch the person that did it and prosecute to the full extent of the law but where the heck did the comment on "illegal hunters" come from?!?

I'm only assuming that the Det Senior Constable used full sentences and maybe a paragraph or two that the journalist didn't manage to write down?


Tam said...

I think we can all agree that shooting a penned domesticated animal is pretty much the antithesis of anything anyone would call "hunting".

Old NFO said...

That's NOT hunting, that is cruelty to animals, and that sure sounds like some kind of prank or payback for some offense the owner committed on the perps.

TOTWTYTR said...

Tam and old NFO nailed it. This was slaughtering, not hunting.