Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Cultural Sensitivity" ....

From today's news:

THE air force has taken political correctness to a ridiculous new level by warning staff against wrapping gifts for troops overseas in Christmas paper because of "cultural sensitivity".
A flight lieutenant based at RAAF Base Pearce near Perth sent an email to staff and cadets encouraging them to send Christmas care packages to Australians deployed in the Middle East.

After the usual warnings about not sending alcohol or pornography and some helpful gift ideas, the officer offered the following packaging advice.

"Contents should be securely wrapped in stiff brown paper (no Christmas wrapping due to cultural sensitivities, please) and clearly addressed to: Australian Defence Force Member AFPO 60 Australian Defence Force NSW 2890."
Presumably he was concerned that bright paper featuring Santa Claus, a reindeer or baby Jesus might offend some Muslims. 

Defence said it did not have a policy on Christmas wrapping paper, but was aware of the "cultural sensitivity" issue.

"We are aware of advice posted on a Defence website and are taking steps to correct the information in the public domain," it said.

It is not clear if it was aware of the comments before The Sunday Times asked several questions about the email late last week.

Opposition defence personnel spokesman and former army officer Stuart Robert said someone had lost the plot.

"The Grinch this Christmas will be the government if it doesn't right this wrong," Mr Robert said. 

"On the back of 'no beer for Christmas', it's now no Christmas for Christmas."

The question of a beer ration remains a matter for the operational commander on the ground to a limit of two 375ml cans a member.

Most commanders in recent years have limited beer consumption to Anzac Day.

"Deployed personnel will continue with their operational tasks throughout the Christmas-New Year period and will only consume alcohol when their tasking allows," Defence said.

"These events are authorised in advance and the consumption of alcohol is carefully controlled."
The beers cannot be transferred to another person.

The latest cultural sensitivity gaffe follows a long list of cultural problems for the military, including sexual harassment and assault, and the use of dog pens for prisoners in Afghanistan.

There's not much I can bring myself to say on this point.  This whole attitude of doing everything so that no one is offended is totally offensive to me - somehow though, that doesn't make a difference!


Old NFO said...

WE've got the same problem, and ALL OF US are over there bailing their asses out... sigh... Time to STOP being PC and get on with the business of protecting our folks. Period!!!

Suldog said...

Honest to GOD, it's amazing the lengths we go to. Everybody should just grow up. People have different beliefs. Get used to it and deal with it. Too damn bad if you're so offended by WRAPPING PAPER.

DaddyBear said...

Sorry to hear that the stupidity that runs rampant over there is starting up over there. At least you can still send "Any Soldier" packages to your guys and gals. We have to pay someone else money to do it for us because of "security" and the need to be "sensitive".

Billll said...

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Julie said...