Thursday, April 4, 2013

The most annoying thing about mobile phones

I guess that it's pretty normal that after 40 years (happy birthday mobile phones!) we're still complaining about them!

My biggest complaint (other than the fact that I have two to tote around) is that they are always running out of charge.  So when I saw this comment I was quite interested:

THREE: Get an Everpurse bag
No more panicking when your smartphone's battery is low. These small but stylish bags recharge your phone wherever you are and make sure you'll never miss that life-changing Facebook comment again.

(Full article here in case you'ld like the other 19 points on ways to Improve Your Life Right Now!).

I followed the link (ref:"small but stylish bags") to a site called which markets a clutch purse with an inbuilt smartphone charger.  IF you remember to charge the purse you can apparently keep your phone charged all day (up to two full recharges in the day).

The prices range from $189 to $319 depending on colour / style.  You do get the charging mat included for that price and additional ones can be purchased for $59.  You can also get your current handbag retrofitted with the charging device for a cost of $600.

Now while I think it's not a bad idea I have a number of hesitations:

  1. This only works with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or Samsung Galaxy S III - which means that it won't work with one of my current phones.  Also what happens when the next version of the iPhone / Galaxy comes out?
  2. Most women I know have a range of handbags to suit different outfits -  I actually have only two but I think I'm on the unusual side.  Shelling out $200 for a couple of new small clutch purses seems a quite expensive way to go.  I know you can put them in larger purses but then you'll have to remember to take them out to recharge them (which seems about as much work as remembering to take your phone out to charge it in the first place).
  3. You still have to remember to recharge the purse every day.  Now I know that there are some super-organised people who always put their things in the exact same place all the time and then there is the rest of us who go through the "where are my keys?" hunt a couple of times a week (or more).  I think this concept MIGHT work for the first group of people, not sure about the second!
So while I get frustrated with myself for not remembering to charge my phones I don't think I'll be buying one of these just yet!


Suldog said...

I'll leave my usual comment regarding mobile phones: I've never owned one and I am thus far glad to make that statement. To each his own, however, and more power to you, so to speak.

Stephen said...

I just can't go anywhere without my Everpurse....


Freiheit said...

I helped solve this problem for my wife. I went to and bought inexpensive chargers for each car, one for travel, two for the house.

There is a powered mini-USB cable within 20 feet of her when she is in something we own. No more dead phone, just plug the damn thing in!

Jennifer said...

My Samsung has a user serviceable battery. So I bought 2 extras and a battery charger. When the phone runs low, I just swap the battery. Dead battery goes on the charger when I get home.

jon spencer said...

There are hundreds of external batteries for cell phones, even many that take aa batteries.
Quit a few are under 20 usd too.

Old NFO said...

Those are priced and aimed at lazy people... Just sayin...