Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Rifle Purchase Process - Stage 3 Update

I received a phone call from Firearms Branch today - well actually I missed a phone call from them and then by the time I rang them back (direct number and name left on my messages!?!) the lady had figured out that she didn't need to talk to me after all.

She did say however that everything looked fine and when asked how long before I could expect the paperwork to come through, she indicated that it should be around a week or so!!!

Getting excited!!!!!


Stephen said...

How takes me all of fifteen minutes to purchase a firearm, and then another two minutes to load the article in my truck and drive it home. I feel for you.

Tam said...

Conga-rats, Julie!

Julie said...

That is why it is so important for gun owners in the US to keep fighting gun restrictions (and not each other), Stephen.

Thanks Tam I'm looking forward to getting it to the range when it arrives (well after I organise ammo, can't purchase ammo prior to having it on my licence).