Thursday, August 15, 2013

Catch up ...

I know it's been a long time since I wrote anything here (and I'm not sure if you've all given up waiting and have left the room).  However, it's not because nothing has been happening!

The first bit of news I have is that Miss 11 is all sorted for High School next year.  I finally got all of the paperwork that I needed to confirm her acceptance of the scholarship and place at the local catholic high school (blogged about here).

She did end up getting an offer of a place in the Gifted and Talented Extension program offered through the state school system and while she was happy about this, she (like us) felt that the other school had more to offer her.

So that is sorted!  Bit weird to have my daughter going to high school next year!!! EEKKK!!! (Yes, they do grow up fast).

Other than that I've not managed to get out shooting for a couple of weeks.  BUT I did get a new scope (um, is a Bushnell .. more than that I don't remember) and it's FANTASTIC - I can actually see what I'm aiming at rather than a brownish blur somewhere in the general vicinity.  With the new scope I managed to get a goat and a couple of foxes - so very happy and hopefully I'll get up to the farm to do some more shooting in the near future.

Work has been busy - ended up going to Melbourne for a couple of days a fortnight ago to do a requirements gathering exercise and since then I've been working from home head down in Excel VBA.  Part 1 of the project is completed and awaiting customer feedback and then I'll start on part 2.  I like working from home, but I'm not as keen on the coding as I am on training.  But it is very nice not having to deal with city traffic every day.

The girls are going well.  Both have been up to lots of things.  I'll try and sort out some photos to put up in the next couple of days.


Paxford said...

Glad to hear that things are going so well :)


Crucis said...

All three of my G'kids will be in school this year. The oldest, Andrew, will be in the 8th grade!!! He's twelve. I can't believe he will be in high school next year, either.

Julie said...

Thanks Pax :)

Scary isn't it Crucis - they grow so fast! And we don't age at all.

Billll said...

The Puerto Ricans have some great recipes for goat, none of which I have to hand.

Billll said...

P.S. Just got the spare mags for the Marlin which completes the purchase. Only took 4 months.

Old NFO said...

Good news other than the lack of shooting... :-)