Sunday, November 24, 2013

Normally I'm not a fan of "participation medals" ...

as that is because that is normally ALL that is awarded.

However, at Miss 12's fire running junior state championships this weekend they gave out awards and medals to those who came first, second and third.  In addition to those they gave all the other kids "participation medals" AND I think each and every kid earned them!

We needed to be at Fremantle at 7.30am on Saturday.  It took about an hour for everyone to get organised.  The competition started with a march past and then speeches from a few dignitaries.

The first event started at 8:45am and Miss 12's team was first up!  There are a range of events over the two days.  Some of them are for teams of 4, others for teams of 2 and then there are individual events.

Miss 12 competes in the Junior category for the team events and as a Sub-Junior for the individual events.

The events involves some combination of fire hoses and hydrants.  There is also just a hydrant race, where they run like anything with the hydrant and connect it into a hole in the ground.

The initial events were all "dry" events, but by the afternoon they were using water and spraying it at targets.

Saturday finished around 4pm.

Sunday was pretty much the same, down there at 7.30am and the events finished around noon.  Then there was the presentations etc.

I didn't go down to watch on Sunday - hubby did -  I was helping Miss 10 with her homework and caught up on the washing.

On the Saturday we also had Shooting Buddy come along and OldNfo - which was a special treat.

I was very proud of Miss 12 and her team.  All of their runs were "clear" (if you don't do a connection correctly or move the elements out of the markings on the ground etc you will have a non-clear round and no points will be awarded for it).

Here are a couple of photos -
Connecting the nozzle to the hose

Picking up the hose

Putting the hydrant in



Old NFO said...

Yep, ALL the kids did well, and I know you're proud of her! And for GOOD reason!!!

DaddyBear said...

Good for her! I have a lot of family that are volunteer firefighters, and it's a great contribution to your community!