Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wow, April already

Can't believe how time flies when you're having fun too busy to know if you're having fun or not ;)

No, things are good and yes, I'm having fun.

Nothing stunning but I have been up the farm - saw some animals, even rabbits and managed to get two of them.  (Well I only aimed at two which I got, the others were too fast for me to aim at).  It's good to see rabbits on the farm again (well from my point of view, the farmer might not be too pleased).  Didn't see any foxes this time though, nor goats, which is really sad, as I was looking forward to getting some goat meat.

I finally got to shoot my .22 Ruger at the club on Sunday.  Lovely little gun.  Really nice to fire. And the air pistol got a good work out too.

And I have been reading.  Re-read all of the Monster Hunter series (Larry Correia), discovered a new fun-to-read series by Diane Henders - Never Say Spy and read Cory Doctorow's book Pirate Cinema. This books seems particularly timely given the Federal Court decision this week to force ISPs to provide name and addresses of people who illictly downloaded Dallas Buyers Club (News article here.)

The other thing that is "top of my list" at the moment is Miss 11's application for the Specialist Agricultural Program at a local (but out-of-area) high school.  Applications close on the 24th and she has to do a handwritten letter with supporting information (seriously, who hand writes a whole A4 page these days?!?).

To help with the "supporting information" I have been going through old photos - here's one on probably her first horse ride ever

and this one is from a couple of weeks ago

EEEK, where did that time go?

Anyway, all for now.  Hope you all had a great Easter.


Anonymous said...

good hearing from you! thought I would leave a comment and just say how good it is to see you posting again! I love Rugers. I have a 9mm handgun and plan to get a 10/22. I love rabbits too! They are great lying next to some mashed potatoes and green beans! ha ha ha ha

Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by Mohave Rat. I have two rugers now - a 22/45 semi-auto and the revolver (SP101) both in .22.

And I think these rabbits are destined for a stew. Miss 13 has been DYING to make a two-rabbit pie for AGES and this is the first time we've managed to get two rabbits!

Phssthpok said...


Another post!


Old NFO said...

Glad you're finally getting some range time! And here's hoping it works out for her!

Julie said...

Thanks Phssthpok :)

Thanks Jim