Friday, July 7, 2017

Outback ...

Headed up to Gabyon station for a couple of days.

The weather was perfect - well a touch cold, but that just meant we could build a large fire each night to cook on and to keep warm.

Shooting Buddy cooked some delicious dinners using the dutch oven and the coals from the fire.  We had some steaks the first night with vegies, and lamb legs & vegies the second night.

The girls also did bananas and apples in foil for desert.

Hubby was on breakfast duty and the eggs & bacon for breakfast was delicious (but not cooked over the open fire :) ).

One of the things that's really hard on these types of holidays is that you don't want rain, but know that the station owners - and farmers in the district really, really, really need the rain.  Unfortunately it didn't rain while we were there.

This is our second trip to Gabyon, and we stayed in the quarters near the main house again.  These have REALLY comfortable beds and all the mod-cons, like power and hot water (well when you get the donkey going anyway).

Was surprised to see a microwave now in the kitchen - and no, we didn't use it :)

The owners are lovely - and it was great catching up with them, and doing some clay target shooting together.

We also did a bit of driving around one of the break-aways - Miss 13 decided she was on the hunt for skulls, so lots of dead animals were investigated.

Here are some photos of the trip:

Maija, our Finnish Exchange Student - at the Outback sign on the Morowa -> Yalgoo Road

Maija and Miss 13 climbing the hill (yes, they are in the photo)

And off for a horse ride - they had fun, even with the unexpected canter :)

If you want more photos, check out the last year's visit here.


Old NFO said...

Looks like fun, and food cooked over a campfire somehow tastes better... :-D

Julie said...

Too right Jim, especially as Shootin Buddy did most of the cooking - in the cast iron pot :)

Chuck Pergiel said...

"Maija and Miss 13 climbing the hill". I'm looking but I am not seeing anyone.

Julie said...

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for stopping by. The girls at just left of the middle of the picture - just down from the top of the hill. They sort of look like a black stump.

Let me know if you find them.