Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm spending a quiet night at home wandering around the blogosphere and I got to thinking about how you find "good" blogs to read.

I was introduced initially into the world of blogs from my good friend Sendarius, (who really needs to blog more). He introducded me to the "staples", namely: "The Other Side of Kim"; "View from the Porch"; "A Day in the Life of Ambulance Driver"; "Say Uncle"; "The Smallest Minority" and "The Breda Fallacy". From links and posts at these sites I discovered pretty much all of the people on my "Blogs I Read Regularly" list and a whole bunch other I have bookmarked and visit when time permits.

I also click on the links provided in comments (on my blog and others) and have discovered some great blogs this way too.

But tonight I clicked on the "IPSC" link on my profile and it came up with about 40 other bloggers who also list IPSC as a hobby. So I went through and clicked on their profiles and then looked at what books they had listed under "Favourite Books", as I thought this would be a good way of finding people with similar interests.

What is really strange about this is that I don't have any books listed under "Favourite Books", a situation which requires rectifying.

So, how do you find "good" blogs?


Kevin said...

Hey! I'm a "staple"! ;-)

Anonymous said...

You can also do a "blog" search in Google. You just click blogs at the top of the page then put in keywords. I have found some great ones this way. :o)

Julie said...

Hi Kevin, of course you are :) ... Thanks Kylie,I've only searched within blogs used the search to find blogs - will definitely give that a go.

Old NFO said...

I just stumble around and hit links off other blogs I like :-)

shrinkingkatt said...

I normally go buy links at the bottom of peoples post in forums or I click on people who follow my blog. I really have to find some overseas blogs as well to add variety.