Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today's Range Report #8

It's been awhile since I've been out on the range and shot with an IPSC squad (last time was the end of November), so I was pretty nervous. Mainly because there's so much to remember and not much of it is second nature to me yet.

The club is actually on recess at the moment, but we had a really good turnout (i'm guessing 20+ shooters) and five ranges were set up. The first was a start unloaded & holstered, the second was start in box with gun & mags on a table (3m in front) and the third was an "El Prez" ... so by the time we got to the fourth stage and had to start loaded and holstered I was really concerned that I would forget to take the safety off :) (Didn't happen though!). On the second stage I shot all "A's" and the fourth only missed two (got "C's"). Accuracy wasn't too bad on the other stages either and my times are getting better but they still need work.

Next week is a "Busy Bee" so no shooting and then the club is back from holidays and everything starts up again for the new year.


Home on the Range said...

Sounds like fun. With temperatures at 18 below zero (that does NOT include wind chill) there's been no shooting for me for a few weeks. The indoor range is an hours drive and it is usually crowded to where I am not really comfortable there on a weekend. Soon it will thaw. :-)

Julie said...

Can totally see your point, Brigid, shooting at -18 would not be fun!

Old NFO said...

Julie- Good shot placement works! That is ALWAYS more important than speed (At least in the real world). Sounds like a good set of stages too!