Friday, March 20, 2009

Compliance Doesn't Mean You're Safe ...

From we have this story today:

Guard shot after handing over money

A SECURITY guard has been shot during an armed robbery at a licensed club in Sydney's north, despite handing over money.

Police from Northern Beaches Local Area Command are investigating the armed robbery and shooting at Forestville.

Staff of the licensed club, in Melwood Avenue, were confronted by two men both armed with firearms about 2am.

The men threatened the two employees, one of which was the security guard, and demanded cash.

They were provided with the money, however, the 41-year-old security guard was shot in the leg during the robbery.

The offenders then ran from the building with the cash.

Police have no information as to why the guard was shot after handing over the money.

The guard was taken by ambulance to Royal North Shore Hospital for treatment, where he is in a stable condition.

A crime scene was established and forensic officers are examining the scene.

The men were described each as being about 183cm tall with a solid build.

At the time their faces were covered. Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call Dee Why police or Crime


Who would have thought?, criminals not playing by the "good guys" rules ....


Old NFO said...

More interesting is the lack of outrage about the illegal weapons...

Morgan said...

Who would have thought?, criminals not playing by the "good guys" rules ....

Now if only we could convince those power hungry, agenda setting, Big Brother creating politicians that passing gun control legislation might not solve the problem of violent crime.

Julie said...

well at least they don't blame the illegal guns for shooting the guard all on their own, Jim

... too true Morgan ... too true.

Old NFO said...

Point Julie :-)

lele said...