Sunday, March 15, 2009

(More) Newbies on the Range

Met up with some on-line friends on Saturday for a BBQ. We had a nice time and two of them had indicated that they would like to come and try shooting. So after lunch, I took them up to the range.

One of them was quite nervous about guns and said that she was interested because she has never liked them. My eldest daughter came too.

I started them off on the .22 (Ruger 22/45), my daughter shot first (with me helping her hold the gun) and then the other two shot.

We then moved onto my 9mm Springfield and they shot off two mags each (my daughter decided not to shoot this one).

Even though we didn't spend that long up there they said that they had fun and in fact, the lady who "never liked guns" said that "it was more fun than she had expected". I hope she'll come up and watch me shoot an IPSC match in the near future.