Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Timely Reminder - Ricochets

When I was on the range on Saturday with the trainees I felt something hit me on the head. There were people shooting on the range behind us and I'm guessing it was either a bit of a bullet ricocheting off the quarry walls or a piece of rock. It did no damage but did remind me that there are dangers with the sport and you need to be careful to minimise them where possible.

In today's news we have another story about a ricochet - unfortunately much more serious ....

Shot deer hunter out of danger

A 22-year-old man who was shot while hunting deer in country Victoria yesterday is recovering well in hospital.

He remains in intensive care but is now out of danger, a spokeswoman for the Royal Melbourne Hospital said.

The accident occurred about 7.30am and involved a group of seven shooters in a state forest in Rawson in Victoria's east.

Police were told one of the shooters fired at a deer but the bullet ricocheted off a rock and hit the man in the upper chest.

He was flown to Royal Melbourne in a critical condition but is now out of danger.

Glad to hear that he is now out of danger, hopefully his recovery is speedy and complete.

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Old NFO said...

THAT is why you ALWAYS wear eye protection! I have had a ricochets hit me in the glasses before and also had one pop the ear muffs.