Sunday, September 6, 2009

99 Rounds

That's what I shot today in the match! It was a great shoot. I've not shot competitively for awhile (we have to shoot a competitive match once every eight weeks to retain our firearms licence and I think I was pretty close to the end of the eight weeks).

So today I made the effort to get to the range for the 9am start. Being Father's Day I thought it would be quite quiet but we had three squads shooting - with between 8 and 10 shooters per squad.

Today was an ICOR shoot so it had been set up for revolvers but the stages were well designed and challenging.

My favourite stage was the all popper stage - 9 targets. I got the first 7 with one shot each and then took three shots to get a little popper set off to the left. I always have trouble with poppers in that position - more practice definitely needed. I got the 9th (a small round one half way up the bank) with a single shot too. Having taken three for the one on the left meant that I had to do a reload though.

The other fun stage was the last one. It was a 32 shot stage with a hatch (first two targets) and then three targets through a portal.

Good day was had!


cocked and loaded said...

Sounds like a fun day!

Old NFO said...

Glad you shot, now do it more! Trigger time will get that little popper!