Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rifle for the girls

Been thinking about getting the girls their own rifle. They both like shooting the Winchester Lever Action .22 but it is very big and heavy for them.

Wondering around the internet today (while sick at home) I came across a recommendation for the Henry Lever Action Youth Model .22 at Geek with a .45.

Now I just wonder if I can find one somewhere in Australia at a good price ....

UPDATE: Henry's website lists international resellers so I've emailled the Australian one (Highland Sports) to see if they have them in stock and the cost.

The gun is listed on their website but no price.

I will also have to look at licencing requirements. I'm guessing I'm going to have to get it under a 'club activities only' licence for myself and let them use it.

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LL said...

The Ruger 10-22 is an excellent choice. I don't know how tough they are to come by down-under, but you can't go wrong with them.