Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ban Duck Shooting?

On the Vic Govt website there's a proposal from Helen Round to ban duck hunting in Victoria.

Go, read ... comment if you will.

I think some of the current comments make sensible and valid points, in support of the Duck Hunting season and hunting in general.


DaddyBear said...

We see this kind of thing in the States every so often. Someone tries to say it's inhumane to hunt deer with a bow, or that trapping of furbearers is cruel. I've even seen people protesting fishing derbies because the fish may suffer when caught. A lot of people I know in California have given up hunting altogether because of the hassle of having to travel farther and farther away to get to land that's legal to hunt. Luckily, I live in a mostly rural state, so hunting is still considered a valid way to control wildlife populations and put meat on the table.

Old NFO said...

When they are overrun with ducks they will be singing a different tune... DaddyBearis correct, we have those up here too... sigh... That is why you have coyotes in New York City now (the four legged kind) :-)

Anonymous said...

Another classic example of hand-wringers pushing their own agenda.
I'm sure they know faarrr more than educated conservationists that do the work.