Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Weekend at the Range

Saturday was a very busy day at the range. We decided to do a session on rifles and shotguns with the trainees.

In the morning session we had 10 trainees, so we split them into two groups. I was helping another club member with the shotguns. We had an over/under, a pump action (5+1) and a semi-auto (2+1).

We got them all to shoot static first and then took them through a stage with the over/under. They all did very well.

In the second group, one of the trainees had brought their lever action shotgun (7+1) along for everyone to try. I found it kicked more than any of the others - even though we were shooting 12gauge out of all of them.

Things didn't run as smoothly with the afternoon's group of trainees. At 2pm (when we were due to start shooting) we only had 5 trainees. Some people whom we had been expecting hadn't shown. So we decided to start this group on shotguns and the Chief Instructor would wait for the others and get them going on rifle.

By 3.30pm we had just finished shotgun, but the rifle group (of 7) weren't even half way through, so in the end we decided to let my group head home and I helped with the rifle group.

After I had ROed 4 of them through the stage, they were shooting static with the Chief Instructor and then came over to shoot a stage with me, the fifth person had a jam with the gun. I couldn't clear it and neither could the Chief Instructor. By this time it was after 4.30pm, so we decided to call it a day!

So now we have to finish off these competencies with this group of trainees.

We also had three visitors to the range on the Saturday. Two of these came back today initally to join in our "Have A Go Day".

Once a month, the Chief Instructor and I run a "Have A Go Day" where people who want to see what shooting is all about can come and for $25 have a go with pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns.

While we were waiting for the other people to show for this event the two visitors (both ladies) mentioned that they were finding it too hot to stay, but that they would like to pull a trigger before they left.

So I took them to an empty range with my Ruger 22/45 and another visitor joined us and they shot a mag off each. Neither of the ladies have ever held a gun before and they were quite nervous, but enjoyed the experience. They said that they would be back for the next "Have A Go Day".

Of the 9 people we were expecting only 4 turned up. One is a current trainee and his wife, his boss and his wife. The two guys were left-handers and I'm hopeless with showing left-handers how to use guns, so I gave them to the Chief Instructor and took the ladies.

Apart from the trainee, the others had only once ever fired a pistol. So we started with the Ruger 22/45, moved to a 9mm Glock, a 9mm Tanfoglio and then a .357 Revolver.

After we had played with the handguns we put them away and got the rifles out. We had a bolt action .22 and a lever action .357.

Then came the shotties, we used the over/under and the semi-auto. They had great time knocking down the clays we had on the targets. I was seriously impressed with how the girls shot. Hopefully they won't have too many bruises tomorrow.

The session had started just after midday and finished around 2.30pm. On the way out of the gate we bumped into some guys driving around who were interested in having a shoot ... so I told them to come back in a month for the next "Have A Go Day".

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Old NFO said...

Well done Julie, but did YOU get any trigger time??? Hope so!