Friday, January 28, 2011

Post Op Update #1

Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, comments, emails and messages.

I went to see hubby this evening. He was a bit pale but other than that he was looking very good. He reckons that the pain from the hip is less than it was before the operation, so that is great.

The doctor wasn't there to talk to, but as hubby isn't on antibiotics I'm assuming they didn't find any hidden / residual infection (which was one of our fears).

I will go again tomorrow afternoon with the girls.

Please keep up the thoughts and prayers as there's still a long way to go - but so far, so good.


Me said...


I'm late on this one, but both Murphy and I send you and your husband our best. Prayers for you both.

ViolentIndifference said...

Good news. Prayers continue.

Suldog said...

Glad to hear the encouraging news. I'll say another prayer as soon as this posts.

Rev. Paul said...

Great news. We pray it continues going well.

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear the old man is doing well.
I don't think he's going to miss that constant hip pain.


Anonymous said...

excellent hope the good news keeps coming.


DaddyBear said...

Outstanding! Prayers for y'all and a quick and full recovery continue!

Berys said...

Great news Julie Love to all xx