Friday, February 11, 2011

An edible cup ....

It started in the kitchen, I had placed a plate out with two cookies on it and a plastic cup, in which I was planning to pour milk ...

Miss 9: "Is that afternoon tea?"

Me: "Yes"

Miss 9: "The cup might taste a bit plasticy! Hey I know how to make an edible cup. I'm make it later on."

Me (with visions of a soggy slice of bread): "Maybe not tonight."

Cut to after afternoon tea

Miss 9: "I'm off to make an edible cup."

Me (reluctantly): "Um, okay ...."

Very short time later, Miss 9 reappears with something behind her back ...

Miss 9: "Here's your edible cup ..."

I'm impressed :)


DaddyBear said...

How Sweet!

Old NFO said...

Not bad.... and yeah, SWEETs :-)

Suldog said...

I'd take it. Yum!