Thursday, February 10, 2011

Win a life makeover

No, I'm not giving you the link* … I'm rambling on the idea … but, yes, it is a real competition being advertised.

What would a life makeover look like?

According to the prize, a life makeover involves:
• $5,000 from Commonwealth Financial Planning
• Return flights to Sydney for you and a friend, with $250 spending money for each of you.
• Two nights' accommodation at The Observatory Hotel, Sydney.
• Four private sessions with the body+soul experts for you and your friend
• 30 minute private spa therapy session
• Three course dinner with matching wine at The Observatory Hotel
• Plus, a free financial advice session with Commonwealth Financial Planning when you return home to your state.

Mmm, sounds like a nice prize. But is it a "life makeover"? I guess the $5k and the session with the financial planner might contribute to made-over life. But the rest, sounds more like "time out" than a real change. Not sure about the four private sessions, I guess they could be a bit like the financial planning thing.

I guess for a real "life makeover" one of those magic wands would be needed as most of our lives are the calumniation of a number of different decisions made over a long period of time. Changing some of these isn't easy, others may not be desirable for a variety of reasons and their effects on others. And, to be honest, not everything is in our control. Sure how we react to things we can control, but the "I want to wake up tomorrow and for everything to be perfect" option isn't often achievable no matter how much time and effort we put into it.

To enter the competition you need to "simply tell us in 25 words or less why do you need a life makeover?".

Don't worry, I'm working on the 25 words or less bit. A weekend in Sydney would be very, very nice – not that my life would currently let me have the time off :( Wonder if there's a time limit on when you can take the prize.

(*link not provided, because I'm feeling greedy!)

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Old NFO said...

Time out is more like it... And I wonder how much they want you to invest with them... :-) Good luck though!